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Cel-Fi Pro X Cable Accessory

Sku: 104492562493


Cable adapter sleeves allow the Cel-Fi PRO units to link across greater distances or through (RF blocking) obstacles.

Cel-Fi PRO X is a cable adapter sleeve that allows the Cel-Fi PRO unit to link across greater distances or through (RF blocking) obstacles. The accessory works with any Cel-Fi PRO, in locations where the standard wireless UNII system link is challenged. The Cel-Fi PRO X connects the Cel-Fi PRO Network Unit to the Cel-Fi PRO Coverage Unit using a completely passively coupled sleeve, which uses the cable for communications.

Cel-Fi PRO X opens up new opportunities for using Cel-Fi PRO Smart Boosters when other solutions fail. Cel-Fi PRO X enables cellular coverage to hard to reach places by allowing the Cel-Fi Coverage Unit to be placed much further from the Network Unit, or allowing the Units to connect when their normal RF link signals cannot penetrate through structures.


Improved Voice & Data Coverage: The Cel-Fi PRO X is a Cel-Fi PRO accessory (Cel-Fi PRO enables clear and reliable voice connections within the coverage area — up to 15,000 ft2 (1,400 m2) for open commercial spaces.

Solves Difficult Installations: Allows a cabled connection between Cel-Fi Network and Coverage Units where the wireless system link is not effective.

Extended Link Range: Up to 131 feet (40 meters) from Unit to Unit with LMR-200 cable. Longer ranges for lower loss cables (LMR-200 or LMR-240 cable recommended).

Additional Installation Flexibility: Allows a wide range of new Cel-Fi PRO Installation scenarios (e.g. hard to reach commercial or residential spaces, subterranean or deeper basement structures, large seafaring vessels, and more).

Maximizes Cel-Fi PRO performance: Cel-Fi system coverage performance is typically maximized when Cel-Fi PRO X is used.


Made exclusively for Cel-Fi PRO: Works with any existing Cel-Fi PRO, without any modifications to Cel-Fi PRO.

  • No hardware or software changes required
  • Tuned for maximum range
  • Maintains look and feel of Cel-Fi PRO

Easy to attach Adapters: Sleeve-style harness for the Cel-Fi PRO Network Unit and Snap-On adapter for the Coverage Unit.

No Additional Power Required: All passive components.

Compatible with Mounting Brackets: The Mounting Brackets that came with your Cel-Fi PRO may still be used.

Standard Cable & Connections: Uses standard SMA male cable connectors and 50 ohm coax (40dB maximum cable loss @ 6 GHz).

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