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T-Mobile IOT Sim Card – 3 Pack

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T-Mobile IOT Sim Card 3-Punch: Standard, Micro. Nano IoT SIM

T-Mobile IOT Sim Card Triple-Punch

Standard, Micro and Nano T-Mobile IoT SIM

There are four common SIM card types, which are as follows:

  • Nano SIM

A nano SIM is the smallest SIM card size, and it’s also the most modern (other than eSIMs, which we’ll get to further down) having been introduced in 2012. This is basically just a small circuit board with almost nothing around it, and it’s the kind used by the vast majority of modern devices.

  • Micro SIM

A micro SIM card is the middle size. These have more plastic around them than a nano SIM, but less than a standard SIM. In terms of smartphones, you might need one of these if your phone is over five years old, but they’re rarely used in recent years. Indeed, they were introduced in 2003, so they’re getting on a bit now.

  • Standard SIM

A standard SIM is the biggest SIM card size currently in use, and despite being thought of as the ‘standard’ it’s the most rarely used. It has a large amount of plastic around the chip, and tends to only be found in the oldest of phones (and some other devices).

It was introduced back in 1996, and as the oldest of them it was the standard for a while – hence the name.

Note that standard SIM cards are also sometimes known as regular SIMs or mini SIMs – the latter because there was an even bigger credit card-sized SIM card available when these launched, but they’re no longer used.

  • Combi SIM

A combi SIM (sometimes called a multi SIM or trio SIM) combines all three sizes of SIM card into one, so you can easily just pop out the one you need.

This is the type you’ll typically be sent by a mobile network, so you don’t need to worry about requesting the right SIM card size. Note however that while you’ll be able to pop out whichever size you want, you won’t then be able to make the SIM card bigger again, so if you ever need to move up a size you’ll either need an adapter (explained below) or to request a new SIM card.


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