SIMETRY is the leader in wireless data for IIoT and M2M applications. We offer simple data plans and managed services—all with the flexibility to select your carrier.

Our customers regularly point to five reasons for choosing SIMETRY for their IoT sim and asset management needs.


Simply put, nobody can beat our pricing. With SIMETRY, you only pay for the data you actually use , so you’ll never get hit with surprise overages or pay a penalty for underutilization.

With SIMETRY, you’ll simply pay a flat rate per gigabyte or megabyte. Plus, with no contracts, you’re free to leave anytime.


Other providers force you to select between different wireless data plans. These data plans could cost you more than 25% in overages or under utilization. SIMETRY offers traditional wireless data sims for all major carriers spanning the United States.

We’ll never throttle your data. You’ll get consistent speed at all usage levels. Our technology is also multi-IMSI capable, meaning you can get excellent coverage no matter where your devices are located (over 99.8% device connectivity uptime across more than 190 countries).

Our SIMPLIFY IoT platform puts comprehensive analysis at your fingertips. Dive into your data to view each sim, region, and carrier—or make secure payments, request services, and update account information right from your computer or mobile device.


Our provisioning team is ready to take you from unboxing to deployment in the blink of an eye. We’ll help you activate necessary licenses, configure WAN APN, test your hardware, and document your assets—plus anything else you need to go-live.

Our network operations center (NOC) is located in Houston, Texas, and we man it 24/7 to support your IoT sim communications.

We can also deploy boots on the ground wherever you need. Our field support team provides rapid onsite surveys, installation, commissioning, and support all across North America. Our technicians carry multiple certifications, including OSHA10, PEC, certified climbers, TWIC, and other client-driven certifications.


We know that all the performance in the world is nothing if your data is not secure. Our full suite of security features includes IMEI locking and bespoke firewall. We also offer VPNs, fixed IPs, and NAT.

Our secure bandwidth manager allows customers to reduce data consumption and costs by providing website filtering and throttling.

Future Proof

SIMETRY’s IoT sim solutions will scale with your business. We offer zero touch management for your entire network; our automatic, over-the-air (OTA) device setup requires no on-site configuration.

We also support 5G and LTE networks, which will benefit applications using all 4G networks (including Cat-M1 devices).

Join the machine to machine movement today. Request a quote and see what SIMETRY can do for your organization.

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