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Become an IoT Partner with SIMETRY – We are upending IoT connectivity with exceptional data, security, and service for a superior customer experience.

Customer service is our top priority

the Next Evolution of IoT connectivity

SIMETRY is built on a foundation of strong customer service. Our IoT partnerships go beyond better data rates and IoT platforms. We work with our partners to ensure the solutions you offer your customers are seamless, scalable, and ensure they come to you first when new changes, opportunities, and challenges arise.

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a Dedicated IoT Partner

iot solutions iot data plans and iot sim card

Custom data plans for purpose built solutions

Custom Cyber Security

Standard Capabilities

Custom Platform
for All Carriers

SIMETRY’s unified IoT platform puts data usage and analytics at your fingertips. 


Custom Engineering Support

We help you move faster. Develop new solutions using our IoT engineering resources.

Dedicated Support

Expedite market penetration with ultra-responsive account management, technical support, and marketing support.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Better value for you and your customers is just a conversation away.

SIMETRY Partners use SIMETRY IoT solutions to create added value and increase perpetuity for their end customers. Connect with us now.

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