Cellular Failover Internet for Business

Complete Internet Failover Packages

When your primary Internet goes down, our automatic failover solutions keep your business connected. Get a secure backup in place with cellular failover solutions from SIMETRY.


The Cost of Network Outages

How much can a few hours of downtime hurt your business? According to Gartner and ITIC, quite a bit.

-$ 0
per minute

The estimated loss for enterprise-level businesses experiencing a network outage.

-$ 0
per hour

The estimated loss for small-to-mid-size businesses experiencing a network outage.

Business Continuity
for Peace of Mind

Data connectivity and internet access are vital to our personnel, infrastructure, and operations. SIMETRY’s failover wireless system provides peace of mind when the loss of critical infrastructure is not an option. From the discovery call to roll out and install, the team at SIMETRY was an incredible resource in helping build our business continuity plan.


Cellular Failover Keeps You Connected

Tier-1 Cellular Data That Keeps Your Business Running Full Speed

Secondary Internet with Primary speeds

Trusted by well-known brands across all industries, SIMETRY provides the tier-1 data, hardware, and support needed to keep your business connected when your primary Internet goes out.

Backup Cellular Internet plans for Business

The Right Failover Plan to Protect Your Business



1 GB Data / mo.

Recommended devices
1 to 60

$19.99 / mo.

36 month term

$24.99 / mo.

24 month term

$44.99 / mo.

12 month term



5 GB Data / mo.

Recommended devices
1 to 60

$39.99 / mo.

36 month term

$49.99 / mo.

24 month term

$74.99 / mo.

12 month term



10 GB Data / mo.

Recommended devices
1 to 150

$149.99 / mo.

36 month term

$184.99 / mo.

24 month term

$299.99 / mo.

12 month term



Unlimited Data

Recommended devices
5 to 500

$819.99 / mo.

36 month term

$919.99 / mo.

24 month term

$1,249.99 / mo.

12 month term

Failover Cyber Security

Private APN • Content Filtering • Secure Bandwidth Manager

Ask how our cyber security features can protect your business from further disruption!

Get reliable backup Internet today

Don’t see a plan that fits your failover Internet needs? We will work with you to find the perfect fit.

Backup Internet that has your back

Pool data together from all locations


Backup Internet For All Office Locations

If you have multiple offices, you can pool your cellular backup data together.

In the example above, if primary Internet goes down at the Branch Office, which has a  5GB plan, and you use 10GBs of failover cellular data, no sweat. Because you have a total of 21GB across all locations, you are still within your data pool.

SIMETRY makes failover Internet across multiple branches simple.

Cyber Security & Protection

Ensure your failover Internet connection is just as secure as your primary with SIMETRY’s suite of security features.

Private APN secures your network by creating a closed loop separate from the rest of the Internet and safe from malware and other malicious actors.

Get the most our of your backup Internet data with Content Filtering – select what types of content are allowed on your network.

Reduce unnecessary data usage and costs with website filtering and throttling using SIMETRY’s Secure Bandwidth Manager service.

Eradicate Down-Time

Ensure your business continues working, even when your primary Internet goes down.

SIMETRY’s failover Internet packages provides reliable backup Internet that automatically switches your connection to Tier-1 business-speed cellular data when your primary internet fails.

Don’t let an Internet outage affect business as usual, get a backup plan today.

What's included in SIMETRY's Cellular Failover Packages:

Our backup Internet solutions are self-contained. We provide the hardware, data, and support you need to keep your business running during a primary Internet outage.

What Sets Our Failover Internet Solutions Apart

Tier-1 Business Speeds

SIMETRY’s established relationships with major carriers means consolidated vendor management, better pricing, and fast upload/download speeds that rival your primary Internet.

24 / 7 / 365

Our US-based support team is always on the clock. Whether troubleshooting initial setup, ensuring connectivity meets your network’s security requirements, or backing up multiple branch locations, we’re here to help.

Complete Failover Packages

Everything you need to provide reliable, safe, and fast failover Internet connectivity is included in our packages. Get hardware, data, and 24/7 support wrapped up together for the perfect backup Internet solution.


Just like all of our hardware sales, you have 30 days to return the equipment and just pay a 20% restocking fee plus shipping and handling.

We can cut off data according to your plan’s data limit, or you can keep using data and just pay by the GB for additional usage.

Our plans utilize Tier-1 business level data, which is not throttled by the carriers like consumer-level Internet, and rivals terrestrial Internet speeds.

Upon successful payment

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A dedicated account manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Estimated time to complete: under 1 minute.

Call 1-833-746-3879 to talk to a team member immediately.

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