Activate SIM Cards with SIMETRY


The short version, send an email or log in:

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Did you get your SIMs from SIMETRY?

If we sent you inactive SIM cards, contact your account manager directly or…. [email protected]

There is a chance your SIMs were activated already, if you are unsure, contact [email protected].

Get SIMs from somewhere else?

We can activate or switch to SIMETRY if you already have an IoT data plan with us, just contact your account manager.

Don't have a SIMETRY account?

Activate SIMs through the SIMETRY platform

STEP 1.     Log in to the SIMETRY Platform using your details

STEP 2.     Click on the Tickets tab in the navigation


STEP 3.     Click Add Ticket on the right side of the page.

Add your subject line, choose Category “Provisioning” and Sub Category “Activations”

Include SIM numbers in the description or upload an attachment with your SIM numbers.


STEP 4.     Click SUBMIT. Our support team will follow through with the activations in a timely manner.

Order More SIMs

To order more sims, reach out to sales or support. We will verify carrier and shipping information.


Touchless SIM Activation

Transferring your existing IoT SIMs to SIMETRY is easy

With “zero touch transition” SIMETRY can migrate your currently active sim cards to SIMETRY without having to replace your sim cards in the field.

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