IoT services for asset tracking

Optimize your asset tracking network

SIMETRY provides tailored IoT services for asset tracking applications, empowering companies to efficiently track and manage their assets with reliable wireless connectivity, seamless scalability, cyber security, and 24/7 technical support.

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Fully managed IoT services for asset tracking

Optimize your asset tracking deployment

Reliable connectivity for real-time tracking

For companies relying on asset tracking, reliable connectivity is essential for real-time monitoring. We ensure your assets remain traceable with tier-1 business data from major network carriers.


Scalability for asset tracking deployments

Our clients manage extensive asset portfolios, requiring scalable solutions for efficient tracking.

Secure your network & control data usage

Asset tracking data must be securely transmitted to ensure accurate monitoring. We establish private networks to safeguard your data and ensure bandwidth is allocated efficiently.

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24/7 In-House Support

Asset tracking operations require swift resolution should any issues arrive. Our team provides expert support to keep your tracking systems operational.

All carriers, SIMs, and data on One Platform

Control & Monitor on a unified IoT Platform

The SIMETRY platform offers centralized control and visibility over your IoT deployment, simplifying asset tracking management.

Monitor data usage from all SIMs and eSIMs across all carriers. Set up custom alerts to manage usage thresholds or detect anomalies at the device and SIM level.

With SIMETRY, managing IoT for asset tracking becomes effortless, ensuring your assets are always accounted for.


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