IoT services for live streaming video & events

Simplify Wireless connectivity for live streaming & video

SIMETRY offers tailored IoT services for live streaming video and events, enabling you to captivate your audience without worrying about technical challenges. We empower live streaming companies with reliable wireless connectivity, seamless scalability, cyber security, and round-the-clock technical support.

remote video shoot

Simetry = the best kept secret in 4G/5G Livestreaming.

I can honestly say that Simetry has provided me and my team with the best customer service I have ever experienced…

I have come to Simetry with problems I should have already solved and they have “come to the rescue” with a supportive attitude and a problem solving mindset.

On top of the standard setting Customer Service performance delivered by Simetry, the quality of the connection we have achieved using Simetry IoT SIM cards is literally an order of magnitude better than standard consumer SIM cards from the same carriers.

Fully managed IoT services for live streaming & events

Optimize connectivity for live streaming & video

Reliable connectivity for high bandwidth applications

When streaming video, the quality of your streams depends on your connectivity. We ensure your streams stay uninterrupted with tier-1 business data from major network carriers.

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Live stream anywhere

Our customers shoot film, sports, events around the country. Nationwide connectivity and scalability is an essential piece that drives their success.

Secure Your Network & Control Data Usage

Live streaming demands secure networks to ensure seamless broadcasts. We establish private networks for your data to travel securely, while ensuring bandwidth is reserved for critical streaming data.

simetry iot support team

24/7 In-House Support

Live events require detailed planning and troubleshooting. Our team provides the expertise and urgency needed to keep your streams running smoothly, and get the right shot every time.

All carriers, SIMs, and data on One Platform

Control & Monitor on a unified IoT Platform

SIMETRY’s customer platform grants control and visibility over your wireless deployment.

Monitor data usage from all SIMs and eSIMs across all carriers. Set up custom alerts to manage usage thresholds or detect anomalies at the device and SIM level.

The Simetry platform simplifies IoT for live streaming deployments, ensuring your events and shoots are a success.


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