What is an APN?

What is an APN?

APN or Access Point Name is essentially the gateway that connects your device to the internet once our SIMETRY IoT SIM cards are deployed to connect your fleet of devices. As your IoT connectivity provider, we recommend the use of a SIMETRY private APN to secure and generate an IP address that allows your cellular device to safely connect to your VPN and then securely browse the internet.

What’s the difference between an APN and a VPN?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network is a necessary organizational network that allows you to specifically change your IP address in an attempt to divert IoT censorship and lets your corporation browse the internet securely while further protecting your cloud of sensitive information.

An Access Point Name is specifically a gateway between your carrier’s 4G network connectivity and the accessibility to search the internet while connected through an IoT SIM. When our SIMETRY IoT SIMS are deployed and activated there is no manual configuration on our customer’s end, it is automatically programmed to securely surf the web at a moment’s notice. Without our SIMETRY APN’s your organization wouldn’t be able to securely access the internet away from a desktop. Think of a VPN as a requirement for PCs and laptops for secure internet and an APN as a step further for all remote devices connected to the same VPN. While the majority of US companies and schools have experienced a massive increase in their organization’s remote internet usage.

Public vs. Private APN

A public Access Point Name is typical when your only looking for individual cell service from a major carrier. You and tons of other customer’s connectivity would operate all on the same APN. Essentially sharing. Just because an APN is public doesn’t mean you’re compromised for security it simply means your data is at greater risk than with a private APN. A Private APN is perfect for organizations who intend to use a single VPN for everyone through a suite of connected SIMs.


For example, SIMETRY’s Private APN’s are solely available to a single customer’s personal SIM’s. We offer as many IoT SIMs as our customers need, so no matter how large your SIM order may be, our private APN solution is perfect for you. Whether your employees are needing remote cellular access on their devices, traveling for business, or simply want to engage in work activity on multiple devices. SIMETRY APN’s work cohesively with your current VPN and offer reliable connectivity across your devices in even the most remote locations. Connect with a SIMETRY expert to learn more about how our APNs can help today.

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