Navigate Your Employee’s Work From Home Data

Navigate Your Employee's Work From Home Data Security

Millions of Companies around the country have been forced into a new normal amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Working from home can be a difficult transition that faces more challenges than expected. “The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that nearly 21.3 million people in the U.S. lack a broadband connection speed of at least 25 megabits per second, the FCC’s benchmark for high-speed broadband” as stated by SHRM in April. Having a consistent plan to follow for the foreseeable future is imperative. 

As a country, we were unaware of just how long this work from home stay would be, and now that we know it’s continuing, it may be time to alter our techniques. For example, there was a rise in the number of companies utilizing home internet funds or stipends for their employees in March. The companies would set a specific budget cap for their employees’ home internet spend that would either be upfronted at the beginning of the month or expensed at the end of it. 

These expenses may seem like an easy option for companies initially; however, it can tie up your back office employee’s time to account for payment and verification. It can be challenging to secure your companies sensitive information while relying on the employee’s internet provider of choice. Without the use of a controlled hotspot and VPN process, your companies security will be at risk. 

At SIMETRY, we have streamlined the way companies around the country control their employee’s data usage. Our enterprise-grade price per gig solution changes the amount of time and money spent to keep regular operations afloat. We stand alone in that you never pay for data you don’t use and you are not obligated to stay with any specific carrier. Enjoy flexibility by choosing SIMETRY today.

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