How will 5G affect IoT?



What is 5G?

You’ve without a doubt seen it on a billboard or scrolling the web, but what exactly is 5G? Think of 5G as the new upgrade to its predecessor, 4G. With every generation of network added, we see an increase in the faster network speeds for IoT customers. Not only are 5G speeds “over ten times faster than 4G” according to, but the improved signal allows for a greater number of devices to connect to a network and experience shorter download times, less downtime and a bump in overall productivity. It seems like a no-brainer, right? With every upgrade, adaptation leaves many contemplating just how the upgrade will affect their comprehensive business IoT connectivity.

The Future of 5G

5G will enhance data analysis and allow for more connected devices to a network. Thousands of device-driven enterprises will experience the positive effects of 5G in their daily operations as 5G aims to decrease the manual management of data drastically. To name a few, Retail, Automotive and Agriculture are a few industries that have already seen a considerable decrease in the need to manually control data. As 5G Networks continue to strengthen, the industry will see an uptick in the adoption of automated applications, much like our Partner Stallions automated wastewater treatment service, “StaRT.” Decreased safety risks, increased productivity, and more accessible data-driven decisions will be available to 5G customers as the 5G movement expands across the world.


SIMETRY is a leading IoT provider in the United States, that aims to scale enterprise-wide data for all businesses. SIMETRY looks forward to the many enhancements 5G will bring to our customers, including increased speed and refinement of our customer platform, SIMPLIFY. The SIMPLIFY platform allows our customers to make payments, open support tickets, view account data and analytics, and more. Ready to scale your business? Speak with one of our IoT specialists today to get started.



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