SIMETRY launches E-Commerce IoT Store


SIMETRY is excited to announce its new IoT E-Commerce Platform. “The SIMETRY team is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to support and service our customers. We’re looking forward to seeing how the SIMETRY store simplifies our customer’s experience with us.”

The idea behind the SIMETRY store is to bring the same additional hardware and IoT packages our customer’s experience but, in a customer, controlled check-out environment. We wanted to include products that enhance your experience with SIMETRY’s IoT connectivity like internet modems and their respective cables and connectors to WiFi Boosters to further amplify your connection even in the most remote areas.

Want to know the best part? Any questions or issues you may have can be discussed in real-time with our team. No more calling or scheduling a future appointment (unless that’s your style). Our live chat options features real-time communication with our team of experts. Want to schedule an appointment for later on a team member’s calendar? You can do that too! “Overall, we’re proud of the updated customer experience SIMETRY is bringing to the table”- Cash Blackburn, Director of SIMETRY


Check out the store here:

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