SIMETRY IoT in Education

IoT in Education

It’s Back to School season officially in the United States after hundreds of thousands of children head back into the classroom after virtual learning for the last year due to the pandemic. As Cases continue to rise again from the delta variant strain of the coronavirus, schools across the country are faced with handling the second wave of remote learning or at least offering up the option to families who prefer it. Take California, for example, the state with the highest coronavirus cases and deaths to date. According to The New York Times, California Governor Gavin Newsom is now encouraging districts in California to offer up a virtual learning option alongside the traditional classroom for the families uncomfortable during this new variant’s spike.

What does this mean for IoT in Education?

Classrooms incorporating both in-person learning and zoom learning need high quality and better-connected data-driven devices during this time. IoT devices to students during remote learning offer virtually all their learning materials, including their connection to their peers and teacher. If a teacher has issues communicating with their virtual students, sharing knowledge and teaching is nearly impossible. It’s the school district’s responsibility to provide the IoT technology required to maintain impactful learning.

Examples of IoT in Education

Aside from student communication platforms like Zoom or Skype, there are many other applications where IoT makes a tremendous difference in the classroom regardless of whether someone is virtually learning or not. Even before most classrooms became virtual in 2020, teachers across the US were using more AI and automated electronic procedures to ease their daily duties. Here are a few applications raising the stakes in the education world and require the IoT data to function.

  • Attendance and Device Monitoring- For both remote and in-person students, school computers, laptops and other IoT devices are commonly incorporated in their day to day. IoT networks allow specific applications like Classter to monitor the usage of a child’s IoT device and their activity levels to assist with attendance tracking and many other things.
  • Assignment Submissions and Grading Assistance- Many portal-based IoT applications are connected to the cloud, which makes it easy for students to upload assignments and just as easy for teachers to collect and grade class assignments. Many of these student portal applications require AI, for example, any auditing tool to monitor plagiarizing requires consistent IoT data to keep the tool connected to the world wide web and functioning correctly.
  • IoT School Security- School security encompasses a variety of different protocols and equipment. A few examples of security solutions that require IoT data include automated locking doors, security camera solutions, and emergency call buttons for classrooms. In order to maintain a safe, educational environment, proper precautions are necessary, and SIMETRY IoT is here to provide the IoT data plans you need to accomplish them.



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