Remote Learning IoT With SIMETRY 2021

US schools are facing the tough decision of postponing the first day of school, offering up remote learning as an option to specific families, or even as an indefinite mandatory learning practice. Just as teachers had put laptops away and dusted off the key to their classroom, the Delta variant has disrupted education in the US yet again.

With younger children being ineligible for the COVID19 vaccination, schools must monitor the case numbers in their areas to make informed decisions. As referenced by this TIME article, “We are in an eerily similar situation as we were 12 months ago, preparing for another year of mitigating outbreaks and quarantining students.”

If you find yourself in need of a quality connectivity provider for students and teachers accessing the internet from home, SIMETRY is here for you. So far, the states affected and whom have decided to offer remote learning for at least a portion of the 2021 fall school year are: 

States Remote Learning 2021

Photo sourced from Education Week’s Map as cited on

SIMETRY is ready yet again to provide districts and businesses in need of strong cellular and internet connectivity with the necessary ESIM services and cell booster equipment. Our IoT SIM capabilities include both multicarrier and single carrier services, so we can easily customize a solution that works best for your district. Our IoT ESIMs can be sold in very small numbers or in the thousands. Realize you need more SIM’s after you purchase with SIMETRY? Not a problem, easily add on additional SIMs and equipment or throttle your required data through our customer portal.

Learn More about SIMETRY’s Remote learning IoT internet capabilities today. ESIMs, Data plans and more available for immediate deployment!

The SIMETRY mission: SIMETRY makes managing IoT data painless and cost-effective. We consolidate your data with access to best in class carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Infrastructure Networks. SIMETRY is proud to structure our service around intuitive reporting and transparent data through our SIMPLIFY dashboard platform. Make SIMETRY the way you simplify your data.

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